Traveller’s Guide to Kangaroo Island

If you want to escape from the city life and want to relax in a beautiful animal sanctuary, the Kangaroo Island is the place to go to. Its mainland lies in the south of Australia and is known for having abundant plants, native wildlife, and exquisite natural beauty. It is just a 30-minute plane ride if you came from Adelaide and 45-minute boat ride from the ferry. This island is the home of animals in different species and one of the best accommodations in the world. If you want to book for a luxury accommodation you can check Kangaroo Island Accommodation - for more information.

How to Get To Kangaroo Island

The ferry service in the south of Australia called Kangaroo Island Sealink sends ferries to Penneshaw. You can take a shuttle bus service from the southern part of Adelaide and stop at Cape Jervis. There are also daily flights from South Adelaide to Kangaroo Island that usually take about 30 minutes. When you arrive in Kangaroo Island, it is best that you go straight to your accommodation for you to be able to leave your baggage. If you still don’t have any place to stay you can visit Kangaroo Island Accommodation -

Things to do in Kangaroo Island

There are many things to do when you are in Kangaroo Island. With the many animals, museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions, you definitely don’t want to miss these on your bucket list. Read on:

1. Go on a wildlife tour.

The island is the playground of every animal and going on a wildlife tour would mean you’ll be running along with them. There will be a tour guide that will assist you as you go on a tour and share to you the details that you need to know. For more information, visit us at Sea Dragon Lodge

2. Visit the museum.

There are stories waiting to be told in museums and art galleries. In an island filled with natural beauty, you’ll want to know how its history moulded it to become the beauty that it is right now.

3. Eat at restaurants.

This wildlife sanctuary also has great restaurants that serve sumptuous meals. You can enjoy eating your meal by the beach, get a vegetarian meal in the restaurant of your lovely accommodation, or feast on seafood at Enchanted Fig Tree or Marron Café.

4. Stay in one of its luxury accommodations.

If you wish to stay at a place where they provide you with a luxurious experience, the Sea Dragon Lodge is the best place to be. There’s nothing more relaxing after a whole day tour out in the wild than staying in their accommodation. Plus, you also get to have a beautiful view of the sea. You can check Kangaroo Island Accommodation - for more information.

5. Meet the locals.

A trip is not considered fun when you don’t meet and hangout with its locals. The locals in Kangaroo Island are some of the nicest people you will meet. They might even tell you great activities that you can do outside your itinerary.