Tearing it down: Planning Ahead for a Demolition Project

Home demolition projects can fail if carried out in the wrong way. For homeowners, it’s easier and safer to plan ahead before calling a demolition contractor. If you’re in the Gold Coast, you will have to ensure to follow your state’s rules and submit the essential requirements to the local authorities and your Gold coast demolition company. This is to ensure that the project will commence without any setbacks.

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Besides having a plan, you must also know that any demolition company Gold Coast has these days can offer customised services—demolition conditions that bend to the diverse needs of their clients. As a client, you should prioritise this at all times. Some of the services you can get from a demolition company in Gold Coast are cleaning up, asbestos removal, waste disposal, and site clearing.

Do you really need to tear it all down?

Before even planning, make sure you’re having a demolition project for the right reasons. Few of the most common reasons why people demolish their homes are:

  • Unstable foundation. As with some coastal houses, especially for second-hand houses and old houses, a demolition is necessary as the foundation may have corroded.
  • Pest infestation. Next, it may be a termite infestation gone worst, endangering the occupants.
  • Renovation/Partial Demolition. It could be for total or partial renovation purposes. Demolition projects don’t necessarily include the destruction of a whole building.
  • Adding home value. Additional repairs make a house difficult to sell. If you demolish some parts and renovate them, you won’t have any problems negotiating a reasonable price with buyers. Moreover, a newly-constructed house on the same location is valued higher, from a real estate perspective.

Nonetheless, regardless of the reason, you should always contact a qualified and professional Gold Coast demolition company.

The Demolition Project Requirements

In the Gold Coast, you may have to submit permit and tackle zoning; in some rare cases, you will even encounter historic preservation issues and unforeseen challenges before, during, and after the project from a Gold Coast demolition company. That’s why it’s wise to plan ahead—it’s a way of readying yourself and your pocket for unpredictable circumstances.

1. Necessary Demolition Permits / City Council Approval

In Gold Coast, if you’re going to enquire with the city council, you might get confused. But one thing is for sure—it’s important to get a demolition approval. It’s better to be safe than sorry. In some cases, there have been rejected loans from the bank and local council safety inspection issues because the homeowner has no city council approval. So you see, getting a permit from the city council will save you from many setbacks.

Moreover, it’s better to cooperate with your chosen Gold Coast demolition company regarding approvals. For example, some demolition companies make your life easier, such as the A-Team Earthmoving QLD. This demolition company provides all the necessary forms and they will even assist you with filling them in. They can also give you proof of works and other necessary information that the department requires. After the demolition project has been completed, they also give a certificate that proves that you complied with all the necessary standards.

2. Electric Cables, Drainage Systems, and Water Supply Channels

During planning, you should also enlist hiring an electrician to take care of the wires, electric cables, drainage pipes, HVAC system, and water pipeline.

3. Demolition Site Safety Warning

In the neighbourhood, you can’t always trust people to know the risks of a demolition project. It’s best to inform everyone around you before you start the demolition so that they will be aware and extra cautious when walking near the area. You should also ensure your other properties’ safety.

4. Site-clean up

Most demolition companies always provide a site cleanup after the project. Knowing how the clean-up procedure will help you know the safety measure as it may involve waste and debris. A better option is to find demolition company Gold Coast has these days that offers nature-friendly waste disposal methods.