How To Survive Your First Furniture Store Expedition

New homeowners in Australia often look forward to their first trip to the furniture store. However, though the experience is filled with excitement, it’s also a stressful time; one that causes many regrets. Before stepping into any of the furniture stores Double Bay has, here are some helpful reminders that will help you survive your first furniture store expedition.

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Short Term Versus Long Term

Furniture is more than just a material possession, it is a sign of achievement. When looking over sofas or beds at furniture stores in Double Bay, your purchase should be something that you can consider an achievement, something that reflects your status of success and moving up in life.

New homeowners often fall into the “for now” pitfall, which is when new homeowners say “it’ll do…for now”. They often think that since they’re just starting life at their new home, short-term furniture is okay, and no matter how ugly it is, it’s okay as long as it’s cheap. It’ll do for now, they can always get a new one later.

Often times homeowners do this, go home and regret their purchase a few days in. Then they tell themselves, it’s okay, that they will make do until they have enough money to buy a new one. You wasted money and you regret your purchase – something that could have been avoided by resisting the “for now” urge. Avoid purchasing something short-term just because it’s cheap. The many furniture stores Double Bay has will surely have a variety of furniture. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, go to the next store.

Scout First, Buy Later

In wars, soldiers don’t go into unfamiliar territory without reconnaissance. When it comes to furniture shopping, exercise the same discretion. The best furniture stores Double Bay provides have their own online stores. Before going into their physical store, scout out their selections online. This will give you a greater advantage.

When you browse through physical furniture stores, salesmen often follow you around. They have two jobs: instill within you a need to purchase something, and a sense of urgency. When talking to them, you suddenly want to purchase something, and you must purchase it now before it’s too late! Sometimes, the need that they instill in you really isn’t there; neither is the urgency.

By browsing through an online store of Double Bay furniture stores beforehand, you can look through furniture at your own pace and decide yourself if you actually need something, or if it’s just impulse buying. Once you know what you definitely want, then it’s time to march into a furniture store. Since you know what you want, you can be persuaded easily and you can stick to your guns.

Keep Your Environment In Mind

One thing that salesmen can’t help you with is buying furniture that’s unique to your environment. They don’t know where you’re from or what you have to go through on a daily basis, unless of course you tell them. For example, is your home’s location experiencing extreme temperatures, humid air and harsh weather conditions? Then wooden furniture might not be so good for you. Have pets and kids? Stay away from tweed and wool materials then.


Shopping at any furniture stores at Transvaal Avenue has should not be intimidating or stressful. With this survival guide, you’re sure to exit the furniture store with a piece that you need and will be proud of for a long, long time.