Making Automotive Manufacturing More Cost-effective With Hot Melt Applicators

Getting short on productivity? Enhance your way of manufacturing automobile products with a system that makes gluing parts an easier process. Today, the demand for transportation vehicles and other hefty equipment has increased. Safety for the product’s users and factory assemblers is the primary concern. With that being said, it’s only necessary for automotive manufacturers to determine the factors to consider when assessing an adhesive supplier for a trustworthy adhesive technology, such as a hot melt melter.

Hot melt melter

Optimizing Time and Maximizing Durability

How do you improve your automotive manufacturing process’s efficiency? It’s simple and complicated at the same time. You have to improve engineering methods, acquire cost-effective & sustainable materials, boost your marketing techniques, and simplify manufacturing.

Simplifying manufacturing. A simple-sounding phrase with a challenging ring to it. Based on the mentioned ways on how to improve your manufacturing process efficiency, it is a good idea to consider the material used in binding your product’s parts. Your partner distributor of gluing material should be reliable when it comes to offering an adhesive application automotive strategy. It should optimize production time and increase durability in your products.

Naturally, as this has to do with the hot melt melter method, it’s necessary to mention that this is quite different from gluing parts by changing your product’s design or welding parts together. In this article, we are discussing gluing components together like rugs or seats, mirrors, etc. Going back, in assembling automotive equipment, the conditions in choosing the gluing material should be aiming for top-notch quality and efficiency. The materials should be the best fit for the device that exceeds standards of gluing together simpler materials such as books’ spines and clothes.

To know better, you can google or better yet speak with your hot melt supplier about the hot melt automotive products’ application. Ask the length of time it deems a batch of products to complete the process. Will there be stages in the manufacturing cycle where manual quality monitoring is required at all times, or can they be dealt with just by speeding up the machine? Check out at Meler

Choosing the best applicator

Any vehicle manufacturing companies will need an ideal hot melt melter and applicator to enhance its engineering requirements.

A hot melt melter and applicator must display these attributes when applying hot melt to automotive parts:

  • The right temperature according to the glue’s desired viscosity.
  • Hot melt applicator methods that keep the quality of the glue, simultaneously using lesser energy. This entails pretty good pneumatic strategies such as working with piston pumps.
  • A unique method of applying glue to a material, which can be through coating, spraying or lines.
  • Reducing volatile compounds for a stable and enduring product.
  • Proper application of the essential frequency of distributing the adhesive material before the finishing coating. The Micron series machine hot melt, for example, can range between 350 and 1050mm when it comes to applying hot melt on car parts.
  • A meticulous process of drying for quick production.

Adhesives are formed from polyamides. They make reliable applications to avoid electric conduction, gasoline or oil and work well in metal. In addition, polyurethanes have a more adjustable characteristic and are compatible with plastic resins. You can enquire about this to your hot melt supplier about the sealant or adhesive formulas so that they can match it to your product.

Vehicle adhesion is also used in incorporating vehicle interior soft materials like foam, fabric, and leather. For insulation of metal parts and giving more flexibility to sections that require less abrasion, they work well too.

If you’re in dire need of a hotmelt applicator or dispenser hot melt, Meler (, currently offers the Micron series of melters that are famous in manufacturers of any relevant products.