Finding an ideal accommodation in Pacific Palms

If you wish to go on a vacation, you can make a visit to Pacific Palms. It is a coastal township located in the mid North coast area of New South Wales in Australia. Surrounded by the Smiths Lake in the south and the Booti Booti National Park in the north, the area includes several beach suburbs. It is a small place with a population of around 680 and tourism is the major industry here. Finding a Pacific Palms accommodation is not a problem as you can choose from several hotels and resorts of different price ranges. All the popular places to put up provide great facilities and you are guaranteed a memorable stay.

pacific palms accommodation

Where to stay?

If you are looking for an accommodation Pacific Palms has, there are plenty of types of hotels to offer. If you are looking forward to spending a grand and luxurious vacation, there are several top class hotels and resorts you can avail that offer accommodation in Pacific Palms. The exotic resorts and hotels in Pacific Palms offer you several facilities. By availing them you will be able to enjoy a lavish stay along the beaches and the sea.

Services provided

Most of the hotels provide cell phone network coverage and you will find ample reception in most of the areas in Pacific Palms. You can choose from a wide range of holiday apartments and homes along the best locations of the coast line. There are one-bedroom to five-bedroom homes you can avail. You can even manage to get cheap accommodation in Pacific Palms along the coastline where you can immerse yourself in the seaside atmosphere. There are rooms of all sorts of budgets starting from standard to luxury.

Ideal locations

You should try to get a room along the beach side communities of areas such as Seven Mile beach, Boomerang beach, Blueys beach and Seal Rocks beach. These are the most popular areas for tourists with fishing facilities.

There are some selected retreats where you can also stay for a few days in total serenity. You can live on the beach front, away in the forests or can also choose villas and apartments. Some hotels have got swimming pools and all accommodations situated along the coastline that have spectacular balcony  views from the rooms.

Room features

The Pacific Palms accommodation has rooms that are loaded with features. If you are in for a long stay, you can avail rooms which provide a washing machine, a dining setting along with a mounted television and a DVD player. A fridge, gas oven, dishwasher, coffee machine and kettle will also be there. There are bathrooms with individual showers.  In some accommodations, you will also have a fireplace in your room along with a gas BBQ facility. You will also get car parking facility. Some luxurious hotels have private beaches which you can access any time.

Pacific Palms is an amazing place to visit in Australia if you are looking to spend a calm and quiet vacation. And finding a pacific palms accommodation is not a headache anymore. You can check out various websites (check: if you are looking for an accommodation in Pacific Palms.