Aftercare Tips for Your Synthetic Grass in Melbourne

Choosing to install the synthetic grass Melbourne has to offer can save you a lot of money. It can withstand most of the things that Australian weather throws at it. Not to mention that it eliminates the need for mowing, reseeding, and watering.

While artificial turf offers less hassle than natural grass, it doesn’t mean that you can just leave it alone and expect it to look beautiful and vibrant. You need to do your part in its maintenance. Here are a few tips to help you:


Occasional brushing of your Melbourne synthetic grass is highly recommended to keep the blades in an upright position. This also helps ensure that your turf looks lush and feels soft. Take note that grooming should be done in one direction so the blades stay aligned. A power broom, stiff bristle broom, or leaf rake would all be effective for this purpose.


It is possible for seeds and weeds to take root in drainage holes and sand infill. You should be able to easily remove them by hand or rake. If your neighbourhood is particularly susceptible to weeds, a complete treatment may be necessary for your lawn. Talk to Pave World or wherever you can find Melbourne synthetic grass.


There might be utilities, e.g. electrical cables, water pipes, and junction boxes, under your lawn. Draw a layout as to where these are located prior to installation so you’d have an easier time accessing them in the future. Cut out sections over relevant areas then roll them back to get to the utilities. Avoid folding as this could lead to creases and seal the joins with tape once done.


You’ll notice that the back of the turf has perforations. These allow water to drain into the ground. In the event of heavy rainfall, there may be some pooling but it should dissipate later on. Check if the infill has been washed away and apply more where needed. Synthetic grass Melbourne providers offer to recommend installing the lawn with a slight fall for better water drainage.


Dogs are unlikely to dig any holes into your lawn thanks to the sealed joints and sturdy backing. However, it’s still possible for them to do their business on it. You should be able to clean it up as normal. The same applies for any sticks, dead flowers, leaves, or any other debris that may end up on the synthetic grass Melbourne has around.


Backing and blades are non-absorbent so you shouldn’t have any issues with liquids such as pop, juices, or wine. You can easily hose or wipe down the affected places with warm soapy water. Paint and oils are another matter though and should be treated immediately with turpentine or degreasers. If worse comes to worst, replace the damaged section with help from your provider.

Synthetic grass in Melbourne is designed to last. With proper care, you should be able to enjoy it for years. Keep in mind the aftercare tips provided here to stay in the right direction for maintenance. It also pays to consult with a reputable provider on the correct way to use and handle their products.