Tuesday, October 27

Affordable Bitumen/Asphalt Driveways by Leaders in Asphalting

Replacing, repairing, repaving or putting in a new driveway is a necessity. Sadly, it is not cheap. Though it is simply a flat but long stretch of asphalt or bitumen, preparing the foundation for it makes it expensive. Bitumen is what binds an asphalt together. Thus, we may call an asphalt driveway a bitumen driveway. Nowadays, it is advisable to have bitumen driveways. Why?
* It is cheaper than concrete.
* It dries faster.
* It’s recyclable. It’s melted again and again.
* It is easy to repair. Not only can bitumen or asphalt be put on top of the old one, you can just repair a part of it.
* It is vehicle friendly because it has a good skid resistance.
To patch, refinish or replace your driveway?
Again, it’s not cheap doing anything with regards to a driveway. No wonder many just patch up bad spots. Unfortunately, sometimes, this isn’t what your driveway needs.
– For small cracks, less than a quarter-inch wide, driveway patching using liquid crack-fillers would be okay. If cracks are larger than a quarter-inch wide or are few inches deep, your driveway needs replacement. Patching could give you a few years but don’t expect an ideal-looking driveway.
– Twenty-year-old driveways need a complete redo. A driveway this old withstood many years in the elements. Patching would do nothing because new issues would come up way before you finish patching.
– If you’re trying to sell the house, buyers might be turned off with a cracked or pitted driveway.
– Consider driveway resurfacing. Asphalt paving services Melbourne professionals can just resurface your driveway. This means they just take off the top layer and replace it. At a lower price, you get a completely new look. Cracks and pits you’re covering won’t return for a while.
Qualifications of asphalting contractors
Bitumen driveways are not only cheaper but they won’t crack easily. By now, it is obvious what your choice is. So you can just check while work in your driveway is ongoing, be careful in selecting competent and reputable driveway asphalting Melbourne contractors who would do the work in a competitively affordable price.
1. They are in the phone book, have job pictures, insurance certificate, can give a warranty and has testimonials in their website.
2. Ask how they train their employees.
3. Their sales people have clear options in repairs.
3. Customer service – how they communicate with you.
4. Years in business – expect them as your go-to for anything asphalt. They do: asphalt driveways, asphalt rural driveways, asphalt repairs, asphalt carparks, asphalt school yards, asphalt resurfacing and asphalt paving.
5. Value-added services – what you can expect before and after the job.
6. Can give a written contract even upon request. If possible, hold on to a part of the payment until you are happy with their work.
Nelson Asphalting delivers high quality results that customers trust them with. With over 12 years of asphalting work under their name, they also professionally design and construct driveways that raise the value of homeowners’ property.
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